Why QDM? I fell into this profession because it was a calling to me. I love hunting deer and it has always been a staple in my life. This is a way to be around my serenity year round. The education I've gathered and continue to accumulate is endless and I'm up for the challenge. My goal is to meet your goals and expectations. What I have learned and worked hard for through blood sweat and tears is to know I will give you everything I have to make your hunting experience fun and memorable. FUN is the number one objective.  

​I have been installing food plots professionally since 2007. Before that I installed them for myself and other hunting friends. My professional background is Ornamental Horticulture (Ferris State University) – Landscape design and installation. More recently I’ve been educated by the Quality Deer Management Association, Deer Steward Program (2011), Land Certification Program to write management plans and perform a variety of skills for hunting properties. I completed certification in Wildlife/Forestry Conservation from Penn Foster (2011). I have on going wildlands fire training, forester training and more. I write articles for my own blog and Michigan Hooks and Bullets Magazine. I also host, write, produce, video, photograph and edit a variety of land management tasks as well as hunting videos for my online series Complete Deer TV “Landscaping for Whitetails”  The companies and products that advertise with me and promote are used and tested under extreme conditions with on going research and development.  What’s even better is building relationships with those companies and understanding that the folks that produce these products are even better people. It’s a true honor to be working for better habitat, better hunting and a better life. I’m current President of Costabella QDMA Branch, Committee member for Mid-Michigan QDMA Branch and former Committee member for the State of Michigan Wildlife Society Branch. I live in Clare Michigan where I’m a stay at home father with my wife Michelle, 3 children – Holden and twins Grace and Macey.  Call me at 231-598-3200


Youngest of 7, I grew up in a time all it's own. Both my grandparents were farmers and did whatever they could to make it. My grandpa Leo had many ideas and visions, and I believe wanted better for his family. He had many business's including land development, excavating and more in which my father partook in them as well. Unfortunate for me hunting was not a high priority if at all. I grew up with morals of business where a handshake and a mans word meant something. People new hard work was rewarded for a job well done and you didn't have to have a big name or notoriety. Again unfortunately now we must have a name, signed contracts and money always get's in the way. 

I don't recall seeing my father hunt. I know he had guns, was a Korean War Veteran, not around much of my life and totally when we passed away in 1993. With a heavy heart he was my father and I care about him but only at the end did he try to become a dad. Never to late, however I always vowed if I ever was blessed with children I would be in their lives. 

Being the youngest I should have had a perfect map of life but mine was very opposite.  MOre to CoME 

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