Since 2012 when I went all in professionally with CDM I have been on over 100 different properties, totaling over 10,000 acres. I've formally written 20 management plans and also implemented 15 of those plus 5 plans written by other consultants. Recently since the plans change so often, between the habitat and local deer herd, a full out written plan is just not practical. My plans are generalized, mapped and followed up together with myself and the client.

I've installed on average 40-50 acres of high quality food plots per year. Currently maintaining 25 acres of perennial food plots.  In 2018 alone I had over 200 hours of chain saw time creating bedding, food and cover.  I've planted over 30 acres of native warm season grass. Planted over 5000 seedling trees. I prune apple and pear trees in late winter, usually between 50-100 trees. I've manage countless acres of native natural vegetation. I've burned 15 acres of native warm season grass. In 2018 I had a hand in organizing 4 timber sales being the liaison between buyer and client. In 2018 I partnered up with Red Hook Properties to forestry mow and mulch many different properties from creating food plots, shooting lanes to just trail clean up. I built and installed 10 towers for gun blinds since 2012. I've set and installed numerous shadow hunter blinds with steps and numerous tree stands and ladder stands.     

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